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Diva Workshop – 27-30 January 2020


General information


From Monday 27 January (1.30 PM) to Thursday 30 January (5 PM), 2020.


📍 The 2020 edition will be hosted by the University of Bologna, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Viale Berti Pichat 6/2, 40127 Bologna, 2nd floor Classroom “Biomedica”.
đź”— How to reach us?


Participants are expected to be partners of SeaDataCloud or EMODnet Chemistry, Biology or Physics lots. Other scientists or data managers may request an invitation by contacting the organisers.

Priority will be given to those partners responsible for the Product preparation.


📧 The registration is done by email: contact Evi (paraskevi.tsitsopoulou@cmcc.it) with Cc to Nadia (nadia.pinardi@unibo.it).
Deadline: 15th of December, 2020.


Bologna is a very busy town and we recommend you book at the jotel before the end of 2019.
đź”— List of hotels.

Preliminary program

The workshop will be focused on DIVAnd (n-dimensional interpolation).

Monday (1/2 day)

đź“Ť Meeting point: Department of Physics and Astronomy, Viale Berti Pichat 6/2, Bologna at 1:00 PM.
đź•’ Meeting start: 1.30 PM

Checking of installations
Theory: introduction to variational analysis
Objective Analysis, Optimal Interpolation, and Variational Objective Analysis


Ocean reanalysis
Data products consistency analysis
New data products: how to better use DIVAnd (sliding decades)
Ocean Monitoring Indicators, coastal high resolution maps
Introduction to jupyter-notebook and basic Julia commands and major differences with MATLAB and Python Data reading
Preparation of topography
How to define the background field
Parameter optimization: horizontal and vertical correlation lengths, noise-to-signal ratio

🍽️ Social dinner


Computation of error field
Add advection constraint (afternoon)


Wrap-up with future development ideas:

  • From data integration to DIVAnd: how to harmonize the workflow
  • Use of residuals to discard non-representative data in the climatology
  • Consistency analysis of DIVAnd output with reference products

Afternoon (finish at 3PM), parallel session:
SeaDataCloud Product Meeting
đź•’ Meeting closure: 3 PM.



Participants will have with them a laptop with:

  • 16 GB RAM memory and
  • sufficient free disk space (approx. 50 GB).
  • Data files necessary for the preparation of a climatology.

More resources might be necessary depending on the resolution and size of the studied domain.

You may also need to check the list of acronyms and definitions.

Workshop material

The notebooks are availabe in the folder notebooks in the zip file. Follow the instructions here to download and open the notebook files.


More details about the procedure: installation.

Before the workshop…

âś… If you plan to use your own dataset, please verify that it has been quality controlled.
âś… If your institution is part of eduroam, be sure to have your credentials for the wifi connexion.
âś… Register at Marine ID and bring your username and password.

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