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The acquisition of physical parameters is largely an automated process allowing the dissemination of near real-time information. In particular, EMODnet Physics is a stock-share portal strongly federated to the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service - In Situ Thematic Assembly Centre. EMODnet Physics is operationally processing this data flow to generate map layers and extract in situ (monthly) trends, averages, peak values of the parameters. Historical validated datasets are organised in collaboration with SeaDataNet and its network of National Oceanographic Data Centres, which are supplying EMODnet Physics with products (climatology) on temperature and salinity of the water column. EMODnet Physics is also acting as in situ historical data collections broker between the users and the NODCs. EMODnet Physics is also federating internationally recognized databases such as PSMSL, SONEL, ICES, GRDC, etc to make avaiable products on sea level trends, river runoff trends, underwater noise registry, etc. For the parameters (and platforms) that are not managed by its pillars (e.g. river outflow, water noise, sea surface currents as recorded by HF radars, etc.), EMODnet Physics is developing and supplying the full data management, hosting and dissemination chain.

The EMODnet Physics Catalogue is online at the address: catalog.emodnet-physics.eu