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Why submit data to EMODnet?

  • Satisfying funding requirements: Increasingly funding bodies and governments require that data obtained using public funds be made freely available. Submitting data and making it available via EMODnet ensures data is publicly shared for re-use.
  • Safeguarding data: submitting data to EMODnet portals ensures the longevity of the data set.
  • Adding value to the data: making data available via EMODnet allows datasets to be combined to create data products, such as digital terrain models. Underlying data sources are always acknowledged.
  • Preventing duplication of effort: Making a data set visible via EMODnet prevents unnecessary duplication of effort, reducing costs for operators and environmental impact.
  • Compliance: In some cases, EMODnet can help data providers to comply with legal requirements to share data in a certain way (e.g. INSPIRE).
  • Support: EMODnet can provide support to any individual or association that may be interested to share data. 

in 2016, the EMODnet program launched the EMODnet Data Ingestion project that seeks to identify and to reach out to other potential providers in order to make their data sets also part of the total offer. It aims at streamlining the data ingestion process so that data holders from public and private sectors that are not yet connected to the existing marine data management infrastructures can easily release their data for safekeeping and subsequent distribution through EMODnet. This will enrich the total offer for all types of users and conform to the EMODnet motto 'collect data once and use it many times'.

For further information visit the EMODnet Data Ingestion portal:


Data Submission