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Connected databases
Number of platforms providing a physical parameter for a given sea basin
Arctic Sea155491700141587013200
Arctic, Barents, Greenland, Norwegian Sea22806643421335161218324791050
Atlantic (North)10934812790504991628523200
Atlantic (South)253613085071661153139165500
Atlantic, Bay of Biscay, Celtic Sea4846201611672026819925303804482191
Black Sea118401031481325869290
Indian Ocean4652262896130362267242249600
Mediterranean Sea1140383827291221921829088911
North Atlantic Ocean Europe00000000000
North Sea2021014211219707213350880
Pacific (North)598529441109928231144633836800
Pacific (South)4063234172825701789217196200
Southern Ocean 14841117196135311261700
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