EMODnet Physical Parameter Workshop in the Black Sea


The objective of the meeting is to inform and to engage the Black Sea observing system operators in participating in the setting up and operation of the EMODnet Physical Portal.

This project aims to build a prototype web portal showing the existing observing systems for physical data (wave height and period, temperature of the water column, wind speed and direction, salinity of the water column, horizontal velocity of the water column, light attenuation, and sea level) provided mainly by fixed stations and ferrybox platforms, discovering related data sets (both real time and historical data sets), and viewing the data and downloading these data.

1. Welcome (Hans Dahlin, EuroGOOS)
2. EMODnet and purpose of the workshop (Hans Dahlin, EuroGOOS)
3. The European initiative Knowledge 2020/EMODnet (the background to EMODnet) (Hans Dahlin, EuroGOOS)
4. Presentation of the "Pillars" of the EMODnet PP portal:
            a. The EuroGOOS ROOSs (Hans Dahlin, EuroGOOS)
            b. MyOcean (Atanas Palazov)
            c. SeaDataNet (Peter Thijsse, Maris)
5. General project description (Antonio Novellino, ETT)
6. The EMODnet Physics portal and demonstration of prototype, INSPIRE compliance (Antonio Novellino, ETT)
7. EDIOS - the European Directory of the Ocean-observing System (Peter Thijsse, Maris)
        Making an inventory of existing fixed platform and ferrybox lines
        a. Presentation of the upgraded EDIOS system, formats and how to contribute
8. Case study from NOOS (Tobias Gies, BSH)
9. ARENA/ASCABOS - achievements: How can it benefit EMODnet PP (Atanas Palazov)
10. New initiatives in the Black Sea relevant to EMODnet PP, including parallel activities e.g.
        JERICO, FerryBox, BlackSeaScene (Giuseppe Manzella)
11. Brainstorming session on the contribution from the Black Sea to the EMODnet Physics portal for both Near Real Time data Stream and Historical Data (platforms targeted in EMODnet PP and what exists and what could be the contribution from the Black Sea)
    Bulgaria (IOBAS)
    Romania (NIMRD)
    Ukraine (MHI, IBSS, MB-UHMI)
    Russia (SIO-RAS, SIO-RF)
    Georgia (TZU)
    Turkey (IMS, DEU-IMST)
12. Wrap up discussion (Giuseppe Manzella)
13. Post ARENA/ASCABOS: The way forward - Black Sea ROOS?
14. End of Workshop
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