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EGU 2014 Splinter session - Vienna, 29 April 2014


The session titled ‘

Unlock the potential of marine knowledge by making easier and less costly the access to real-time and archived data’ offered a good opportunity to discuss the different points of view on data needed to support the worldwide efforts for achieving a good environmental status for the marine waters.

Some presentations from the speakers are available at the following links:

-EGU Splinter Presntation

-EMODnet (Presentation by Patrick Gorringe - EuroGOOS - on behalf of Jan-Bart Calewaert)

-Mediterranean CheckPoint (Nadia Pinardi - University Bologna, INGV, Italy)

-North Sea CheckPoint (Keiran Millard - HRWALLINGFORD, UK)

-EMODnet Physics (Patrick Gorringe - EuroGOOS)

-California Coastal Ocean Observing System (Yi Chao - UCLA, US)

-The Balearic Islands Coastal Ocean Observing System (Charles Troupin - SOCIB, Spain)

-Global  scale rate  real-time monitoring  of Ocean noise: the  LIDO experience (Michel  André- UCP Spain)

In addition the summary of the main topics discussed is also available 
->see all records