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EMODNET Physics Split – Spalato, Croatia


EMODNET Physics  Adriatic Sea Region Meeting  held on 3-4 December  2013, in Spalato (Croatia). The meeting took place to inform and to engage the Adriatic Sea observing system operators (especially from the eastern part of the Adriatic Sea) in participating and contributing with data to EMODnet Physics and the underlying infrastructure i.e. the ROOS data portals.


The presentations of the speakers attending the conference are available at the following links:

Nedo Vrgoć - IOF : Institute Of Oceanography And Fisheries

Patrick Gorringe - EuroGOOS : Background to EuroGOOS and its role in data management activities in Europe

Giuseppe Manzella - ENEA : Background to SeaDataNet and MyOcean project activities

Antonio Novellino - ETT: EMODnet Physics project Presentation

Leonidas Perivoliotis - HCMR: Mediterranean data portal

Dijana Klarić - DHMZ:  AMMC Geoportal

Ivica Vilibic-IOF: SOM analysis of the North Adriatic HF radar data

Ivica Janeković - IRB: Advanced Modeling &Observation of the Dynamic in the Adriatic Sea

Vlado Dadić - IOF: Monitoring platforms and stations

Branko Čermelj - MIB: National institute of biology, Slovenia

Maja Jeromel - SEA: Slovenial environmental agency, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Nenad Leder - HHI: Croatian Hydrographic Institute, Split, Croatia

Mirko Orlić- GI - UNIZG: Sea level at Bakar -the longest oceanographic time series recorded in Craotia

Nenad Mladineo - FGZ: Web-based  Decision Support for the Incident situation in the Adriatic Sea

Zoran Kljajic - NIB: Coastal oceanographic observing and data in  Montenegro

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