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Ferrybox Workshop - Helsinki, Finland


The Ferrybox Workshop took place on the 24th - 25th April 2013 in Helsinki, Finland.

 FerryBox instrument packages are used for automatic sample collection and registering measurements on commercial ships. After completion of the EU-funded project ‘FerryBox' in 2005, the FerryBox community wanted to improve the combined knowledge and share experience in the use of different underway systems. That was the origin of the FerryBox workshops.

The 5th workshop took place at Finnish Environment Institute and the themes were:

1. FerryBox as a tool for monitoring; Regional cases.
2. Algae monitoring with FerryBoxes, including ecosystem modeling and EO observations.
3. Greenhouse gas measurements in FerryBoxes.
4. New commercial instruments and applications for FerryBox monitoring

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