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SCHeMA Survey


Dear sir/madam,

as a final step of the “SCHeMA - Integrated In Situ Chemical MApping Probes” project (EU FP7- Ocean 2013.2 – GA 614002), the SCHeMA Consortium would like to propose a very short survey to the marine sciences and technologies community to assess the interest on the devices delivered in the project which we want to develop further, in particular:


Full Ocean Trace Metal Submersible Probe

The trace metal submersible probe is a new generation three-channel voltammetric analyzer allowing direct simultaneous measurements of Copper, Lead, Cadmium, Zinc, Manganese, Iron, Arsenic and Mercury with a sensitivity of the sub-nanomolar (ng/L). It can be used both in sea and fresh water down to 7000 m. It is controlled either by an operator from the surface or it can operate in autonomous mode. Thanks to the small dimension and weight, it can be installed on autonomous vehicles like: ROV, AUV. The trace metal submersible probe will be produced in two version: shallow water (< 150m) and full ocean (< 7000m).


Algae Sensing Module

The Algae Sensing Module is a miniature optical detector of algal-bacterial species based on eight modular LED modules used to excite specific pigments in the photosystems of the phytoplankton. The ASM is able to identify various algal groups and to identify toxin producing cyanobacteria and dinoflagellates from among other algae in an algal assemblage of mixed composition.


Network Controller

The Network Controller enhances the performance of the present IDRONAUT “Buoy Controller” adding a 4G data communication module and a software interface compatible with OGC-SWE, INSPIRE, EMODnet, sensorML, SEIS standards. The Network Controller interfaces already existing products like the IDRONAUT OCEAN SEVEN 3xx multiparameter probes (CTD, pH, DO2, ORP, Chl-a, Turbidity, etc.), the IDRONAUT VIPPlus, the VAISALA meteorological station and the RDI WorkHorse ADCP profiler. The Network Controller is the core component that allows the creation of a true interdisciplinary monitoring network managed through the web based data information and management system.


Web based data information and management system

The data portal infrastructure provides a series of interface features that allows users to discover and access all the data and metadata registered by the integrated mapping probes in a standard way compliant with major European Directives and recommendations for data interoperability (SOS 2.0, SPS 2.0, SensorML 2.0). Access to the web platform is provided through web and mobile application allowing the probe managers a complete remote control of the probes and at the same time providing the users a simple and effective interface for discovery and interoperability.


We would like to know your opinion about them, for this purpose, please complete the survey at the address www.schema-ocean.eu/Dissemination/Survey .


Thank you for your kind cooperation.

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