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HF Radar special session at the EGU General Assembly 2015 – deadline is approaching


The deadline for abstract submission at EGU  is 7/1/2015

EMODnet Physics is promoting the special session EGU Session  OS2.8 - Advances in applications of HF Radar for costal observation of ocean currents –

Conveners : A. Novellino , P. Gorringe, J. Mader

High Frequency Surface Wave Radar (HFR) is routinely used for the remote sensing of the ocean surface. HFRs can map ocean surface currents with high spatial and temporal resolution; therefore they are a very efficient tool for real-time monitoring of coastal dynamics and provide invaluable measurements for the study of ocean processes. The applications of HFRs in operational oceanography are numerous: search and rescue, water quality assessment, ship targeting, tsunami detection, etc. Similarly, there is a growing bibliography on the use of HFR data for the scientific
research on key ocean processes as: coastal circulation and waves, tidal and near-inertial currents, air-sea interactions, mesoscale processes and other related multidisciplinary topics (e.g. fisheries, ecosystems).
Significant heterogeneity still exists concerning the technological design and configuration of HFR systems, measured parameters, and quality control. Common standards, e.g., for validation procedures or data formats are required to make HFR data ready for use in an integrated European and global system. Both providers and users of HFR data are invited to contribute to the session. The goals of the session are: (i) to share best practices for data processing and quality control procedures with the
specific goal to improve the readiness and standardization of HFR data access and tools and (ii) to provide a forum for discussions on the latest advances in oceanographic applications and research based on HFR data. Contributions to the scientific analysis of HFR data aimed to study physical ocean processes and those using HFR in combination with other ocean observing technologies are especially welcome.


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