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International Workshop: Connecting Glider Data Flows In Europe and beyond - last places available


Last places avaialble for the international workshop on glider data management.

The meeting aims to provide a forum for exchanging ideas and experiences around glider data management, and to build towards a collaborative framework for the management of glider data at the European level, that also fits within initiatives at the Global level. The meeting is supported by OceanGliders, the developing global glider network and community. OceanGliders is an emerging important member of the global observing system under GOOS (Global Ocean Observing System) and JCOMM ( Joint Technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology) The aim is to bring together different glider operators and communities, across Europe and globally, that are working in glider data collection and data management. With the purpose of sharing experiences, assessing a proposed pilot framework for a European (delayed mode and real-time) glider-specific data network, and identifying key issues and way forward.

The meeting will approach these questions to deliver operational guidelines for a European delayed mode and real-time glider data management system, independent of glider type and which is accessible for glider teams of different capacity.


More details on the workshop brochure, latest news on the workshop web page, registration form here

Organizing committee: EuroGOOS Glider Data Management Task Team and EMODnet Physics

Scientific committee: CORIOLIS, IMR, UKRI - BODC, SOCIB, LOCEAN

Supported by: Ocean Gliders, EMODnet Data Ingestion, AtlantOS, ENVRI+

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